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Our well-selected and elite publishers will help your brand reach new territories and acquire new customers from all over the globe. Behind every successful brand, there is a successful marketer. We take companies globally, on a daily basis. ProfityAds ensures that every message will reach its targeted audience in a controlled environment. Our network allows advertisers to build and collect data to suit their needs. As growth marketing experts, ProfityAds ensures that advertisers only pay for results by offering different pricing models like CPA, CPL, CPC and CPR. Therefore, advertisers will be able to drive high volumes of traffic generating high volumes of conversions at the lowest prices possible. ProfityAds enables brands to connect with their most engaged audiences. So why not be one of these companies?

As an advertiser, your benefits will include:

Pay Only for Results

No risk involved

Get insight

Real-time tracking system

Scale Traffic On Demand

Increase traffic at any time

Higher Sales with Better Leads

High quality traffic through various channels

Dramatically Lower Fraud Risk

AI based fraud detection system

Dedicated Support

Our team is available 24/7 in English, French, Spanish


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All publishers and marketers aim to generate profit, making money is their ultimate goal. Unfortunately, most of them fail their quest simply because they do not have access to accurate tracking systems and well-known brands. PROFITYADS HAS THE SOLUTION. Our portfolio has a vast number of campaigns to choose from and an integrated REAL-TIME tracking system.
Contact our team and ensure your success. Our company provides high payouts, different pricing CPA models, and endless verticals for numerous regions.

Timely, Competitive Payouts

Unlike others in the industry, we reward high performance and pay you on time, regardless of advertisers’ schedules.

Fast Onboarding & Expert Advice

Expect a Skype or phone call from our Success Team within 24 hours of sign-up, when we’ll recommend the offers that will perform best for you.

Insider Insights

Hit the ground running with performance analytics, including eCMP, that will vastly improve your margins.

Exclusive & Direct Offers

Many of our offers are only accessible to affiliates in our closed platform, meaning you will have less competition, get better incentives, and enjoy larger payouts.

Trusted Brands

Earn more revenue with top offers from the most widely recognized brands in the country and the world.

Robust Tracking

Get credit for every single lead with our proprietary tracking system, second-to-none in delivering the most value for your time.



Engage More Customers with Big Data Analytics.

Both affiliate marketers and brands need to be able to understand where in the sales funnel they win and lose customers, our proprietary affiliate program management analytics solution, gives you:

– Tested campaigns, proven to be effective for email marketing, social media, native, search, and display ads, and more

– The data analytics you need to fully optimize direct response marketing campaigns

– Encrypted, dynamic links that let you promote content with a popular direct response advertising platform



Our team offers the tools to aspire to make money


Email lists for all ISPs, Phone Numbers and more


We provide ipv4 /24, /28, /32 and more


Email Marketing Softwares, Scripts, Courses and more

Email Validation

Clean your data from spamtraps and hard bounce with our in-house software



You asked, we answered

What kind of rates can I expect as a publisher?

Because of our small independent network, we’re able to minimize our commission and give you the maximum allowed payouts. We also guarantee to match or pay out more than any other network.

How will you pay me?

You can request payment via PayPal, Bitcoin, USDT, Payoneer, TransferWise, SEPA (EUROPE Only), ACH (US Only), or Bank Wire.

When will you pay me?

Depending on your Traffic quality we offer timely net 30, net 15, net 1, Bi-weekly, and even weekly payments, Check with your Affiliate Manager for more information.

How do I become a Publisher?

To protect our advertisers, we have a somewhat rigorous, yet seamless verification process that all publishers must complete before they can use our Dashboard. Only a few things are required from you:

  • tax information (US only).
  • Detailed marketing habits.
  • E-mail verification.
  • Reference for traffic quality.
  • Proof of payment from other networks.
  • ID verification.

Once you’ve completed the verification process, your account will be processed in a few business days.

My account was suspended. What can I do?

If your account is suspended for being inactive for too long you can email a member of our publisher support team and they will be happy to help you get it turned back on.

If your account was suspended for a fraudulent activity you can reach out to our compliance department for help.

Can I complete offers myself?

No. You are not allowed to complete offers with your own affiliate link. However, we do provide a preview link you can use to check out each offer on ProfityAds. If you want to test out an offer use the preview link so that no ProfityAds affiliate ID is appended and the advertiser knows they will not be billed for that lead.

If you are caught completing offers yourself you will be suspended.

Do I need to e-mail/fax a W9 form (US only)?

Yes, we hate paperwork too! But it is necessary.

Do you accept incentive publishers?

No. but maybe in the future, we will.
for more info contact us at : [email protected]

Can I still earn money if I'm not verified?

No. You must be fully verified before you can begin doing anything with ProfityAds. Unfortunately, this may be of some inconvenience to you but it’s a necessary requirement from our advertisers. This industry is full of fraud and we must enforce these rules to stay on top.

Is there a limit to the amount of new publishers I can refer to ProfityAds?

Absolutely not! You can refer as many as you’d like. The sky is the limit.

Need help understanding affiliate marketing terms?

Affiliate marketing has what can feel like an unending amount of terms and restrictions. When you’re first getting started, it can all be a bit overwhelming. We love to see our publishers succeed, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently confused definitions to help newbies get started and provide a refresher course for anyone that needs it.
To find out more check this article: The Complete Glossary of Marketing Terms



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